Sunday, April 22, 2012

Four Reasons Why Turkey Beats Luxembourg For Gold Medal

Turkey Wins Gold - IIHF Group III 2012 World Championship

Congratulation to the team and coaching staff. Turkey was the best coached and prepared team in the tourney. The players played hard and deserve the gold medal. Turkey had the best goalies, defenders and forwards in the group. Every player on the club contributed to the championship.

Four Reasons Turkey Won 8-1

1. Luxembourg Could not beat Turkey's 1-2-2 Trap. Luxembourg forced the pass into the middle ice and turned over the puck.

  •  1-2-2 Trap


  • Force the puck carrier to pass

  • Pressure the pass receiver

Luxembourg made passes when they were not pressured.

2. Turkey won all the battles on the boards and was able to move the puck to slot for shot.

3. Turkey was able to beat Luxembourg  all  game long by utilizing a stretch man tactic.

  • Stretch Man

  • Make the defense commit to puck carrier

Playing Rule:

  • Always pass the puck as defense turns

4. Luxembourg failed to keep the ice divided. Good defensive teams keep the puck on one side of the ice. Turkey was able to easily carry the puck from one side of the ice to other. This caused problems for Luxembourg goalie and defensive zone coverage.

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