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Learning From Coach Mike Krzyzewski - Part 1 2008 Olympics

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1. First thing Coach K did was create a 30-man roster create competition.

2. All the players were required to make three-year commitment to the team.

3. Players had to give up three summers to be a member of team.

4. The first year Coach K  said it was about "establishing culture and values."

5. International Tournaments were scheduled to bring team together.

6. In Vegas, Coach K asked the players to create a list of  goals and the values to live by. 

7. Coach K said "This exercise was designed to create an identity, and sense of purpose for the club"

8. In a team meeting the players established what is now called "The Gold Standards."

  • Never make excuses
  • Always play great defense
  • Make the effort to play great defense is the key to winning the gold medal
  • Do what hard to win
  • Always look each other eye when communicating
  • Always be truthful with each other
  • We have to trust each other 
  • We are committed to each other and winning
  • Care and serve one another
  • Respect each other and our opponents
  • Always do what right, be on time
  • Make the time to prepare to win
  • Play smart, take good shot
  • Stay out of foul problems
  • Study the scouting reports for our opponents
  • Be flexible
  • No one complains
  • Share the ball
  • Make the extra pass
  •  Care about one another
  •  Poise
  • Our value is not measure in playing time
  • Team is what is important
  • We will always play aggressive 
  • Everyone practices good 
  • We are the best team in the world and we represent our country at all times
9. Coach K plan was to create environment to bring players together.

10. Coach K said, "It takes time, it does not just happen to build the right culture."

11. Coach K said, "Players have to be shown and feel, that how  brotherhood is developed."

12. In 2006 the team visited members of US Armed Forces
  • Soldiers in Las Vegas
  • Troops stationed at Korea’s Yongsan 
  • Army Base 
    Camp Casey
13. The team listen to motivational speeches from:
  • Magic Johnson
  • Doug Collins
  • Col. Bob Brown injured U.S. war veterans
14.  Off the court, Coach K wanted the players to take in the entire Olympic experience.
  • Players attend many other sporting events
  • Cheering for fellow American athletes
  • Made themselves available to Chinese fans
  • Were out and about in the  Olympic village
15.  Coach K. stressed over a three year period leading up to the  Olympic, "It was not so much about X’s and O’s but about core values. Coach K team showed these values to world winning the Gold Medal in 2008.

  "We can’t blame the refs, the crowd, anybody." - LeBron James

 "It is a tough commitment giving up three summers." - LeBron James

"He wanted me to be who I am -- be a scorer,  shoot it, shoot it, and shoot itWe want you to be who you are." - Kobe Bryant speaking about Mike Krzyzewski.

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Here's the Team USA schedule for the preliminary rounds - all games will be available on NBC as well as streaming at All times are Eastern.
July 29: USA-France, 9:30 a.m.
July 31: USA-Tunisia, 5:15 p.m.
Aug. 2: USA-Nigeria, 5:15 p.m.
Aug. 4: USA-Lithuania, 9:30 a.m
Aug. 6: USA-Argentina, 5:15 p.m.

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