Sunday, July 22, 2012

1 v 2 Offensive Rush Take Easy Shot 2007 Ducks v Sharks Playoffs


  • Screen Shot

  • Uneven situations take the easy shot

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Power Thoughts:

Just Me:
So the pressure gets to me- I rush with the ball.
My passes to teammates could fly through the wall.
My jumper's not falling-my dribble's not sure.
My hand is not steady-my eye is not pure.

The fault is my teammates-they don't understand.
The fault is my coach's-what a terrible plan.
The fault is the call by that blind referee
But the fault is not mine--I'm the greatest you see.

Then finally it hits me when I started to see
That the face in the mirror looks exactly like me.
It wasn't my teammates who were dropping the ball
And it wasn't my coach shooting bricks at the wall.
-Author Unknown

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