Saturday, April 28, 2012

PRK-LUX Offensive Rush, Cross Before Blue Line

  • Always get shot on goal when in middle lane
  • Make the easy pass; Shoot on Hard Pass

Defensive Mistakes Luxembourg: (Bad Defensive Balance)

  • Outnumbered on boards
  • All 5 players on one side of ice 
  • 4 players on the boards
  •  Defense gives up blue line (Bad Gap) 

PRK outnumbers  Luxembourg by getting two guys on puck.

 Five Luxembourg players are on one side of ice. 

  • Always Stop Set-UP  (Korea reads loose puck and pressures up)
  • Always out number the opposition - PRK does great job outnumbering to get puck.

  • Read the loose puck
  • Read the space and cross to middle lane

  • Crossing player must stay disciplined not to go off sides
  • Player with the puck, must get puck into shooting position


  • Cross - Man without the puck crosses in front of puck carrier

  • The cross create space and defender back up into zone

  • The puck carrier has the puck in T.O.P. Position
    • Three Offensive Play - The player can shoot, pass or fake.

  •  Always go to the net for rebound - Stop at net!

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Five Tips To Improve Your Focus and Perform Better:

1. Realize your thoughts are not necessarily reality.

  • Do not listen to negative talk
  • Shut off the negative self talk by talking to yourself positively
  • Be proactive with your self talk and negative thoughts will disappear
  • Focus on a happy time

2. Write down your most important goals 3-5X each day.

3. Think about something you are grateful for in your life.

  • Releases negative thoughts
  • Gratitude heightens alertness, enthusiasm, determination, optimism, and energy
  • Gratitude allows athletes greater progress toward achieving personal goals with less stress

4. Take time to breathe deeply. 
  • The higher the pressure, the deeper your breathing should be
  • Deep breathing is marked by expansion of the abdomen rather than the chest

5. Stay in the present physically and mentally.

  • Present a strong physiology
  • Visualize or think about a time you played very successful

Power Thoughts:

Sports is not like a light switch, you have to be on all the time, if you want to win. - Carl Lewis

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