Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Turkey - PR Korea Defensive Read the Rush

Defensive Read the Rush:

In this video the defense communicates 2 times to the forward to pick up man. But the forwards fails to get to middle ice and pick up his man. Forwards need to backcheck between the dots.

  • Read, Communicate, Pressure Up & Contain

  • 2 v 2 or 2 v 1?
  • If there a large gap, it is a 2 v 1
  • If the backchecker on board it is a 2 v 1

                     Never Backcheck down boards


  • Protect the middle on uneven situations
  • Take angle or circular approach to make check

Playing Rules:

  • Always Backcheck down the middle ice
  • Backcheck to the slot
  • Always finish checks
  • Keep the ice divided

 The backchecker is beat because he is not in the middle lane.

The backchecker losses the race to slot

Power Thoughts: (Building a Team)

"When you first assemble a group, it’s not a team right off the bat. It’s only a collection of individuals."               -Mike Krzyzewski


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