Sunday, April 29, 2012

Rebound Game - A Fun Way To End Practice For Goalies & Shooters

Purpose:  This drill works on the forwards' shots, tips & rebounds. It forces goalies to control and clear their rebounds. 

Each player get a point for a goal and save.  Players shoot from the slot and if they score the players get a point. If the goalie makes a save, controls rebound or clears the rebound the goalie gets a point. If the goalie saves it, but the forwards tips or grab the rebound and score, then shooter get a point. Ten points wins the game. 

Drill 1:   One shooter and six  players tip & rebound against the goalie. When the forward who shoots does not score and the goalie clears the rebound, another forward takes over and shoot.  If a player scores on shot or rebound, he shoots. The line moves counter clock wise.

Drill 2: One shooter and six  players tip & rebound against the goalie.  The shooting player, keeps shooting until another players scores on tip or rebound.  In this drill we are stressing rebounding. The player that scores on rebound, becomes the shooter.

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