Thursday, April 19, 2012

Teaching Highlights IIHF World Champiohsips , Division 3 - April 19, 2012


It was a great win for Turkey today over PR Korea. The coaching staff of KILIC Tuncay (head Coach) KARABULUT Cagri and CIPLAK Cengiz ( assistant coaches) of Turkey have done an outstanding job. It the first time in three years, the club has played within system, dicipline and as a team. Head Coach KILIC Tuncay has done a great job utilizing the entire coaching staff, including CITAK Yucel, and the players. KILIC Tuncay has always had the right players on the ice, at the right time. He has utilized his bench well.

Other Scores
IRL -MGL 8 - 4
LUX -GRE 6 - 0

As of THU 19 APR 2012
(Ranked by highest SVS% / lowest GAA

LEPAGE Philippe -LUX 98.15 / 0.5
AALI Fikri - TUR 95.74 / 1.0
OZBAYDUGAN Levent TUR 4 2 92.31 / 2.00

ATALI Fikri - Great Save & Covers Rebound

Turkey goalkeepers came up strong again today. ATALI Fikri had a strong game and was awarded the number one star of the game. Turkey will have to have another strong game between the pipes to win against Luxembourg Saturday.

Turkey defender turns over puck behind the net. PRK takes the puck to the net for a shot, get rebound and passes to slot. PRK does good job forming offensive triangle.

Offensive Principle:
  • Be a Threat to Score - Take the puck to the net.
  • Form Offensive Triangle

Turkey Power Play Control Breakout:

Turkey Power Play Offensive Control:
Turkey fails to maintain possession of puck.

Success Principles Power Play

Always Out Number the Opposition
Set Up
Always Have Support on Both Sides of Puck

Game Notes:  Game Tomorow Turkey v. Luxembourg

Turkey has the the best power play in Group IIHF Group III.    39:13%

Luxembourg is number one in penalty Killing  Group IIHF Group III. 95.6%

# 11 HAMARAT Galip Force On Defense (1 Shift)
Galip intimidated PR Korea, by finishing his check and stopped offensive set up through the entire game. In clip you see Galip #11 doing the following good plays.
  • Pressuring Up in Offensive Zone, Stick in Passing Lane, Stops & Starts (No Control Turns)
  • Stopping Set Up (Pressuring Puck Carrier as he enters zone)
  • Defense on Wing  Pressuring Up(Defensive Face Off Coverage)
  • Finishes Check & Carries Puck Out Of Zone
  • Shoots Puck In
  • Shot On Goal
  • Pressure Up (Stopping Set Up)
  • Breakout Pass



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