Friday, April 20, 2012

Teaching Highlights IIHF World Champiohsips , Division 3 - April 12, 2012

Penalty Killing by Highest PK%

Luxembourg 95.65%

The LUX team does a good job putting light pressure on puck carrier. When the puck is high they expand the diamond/box. When the puck is low, they contract the triangle/box.

PK System:

  • Play Diamond 5 v 3
  • Box 5 v 4

Teaching Points:

  • Pressure on Loose Pucks
  • Body in Shooting Lane
  • Stick in Passing Lanes
  • Active Smart Sticks

Turkey Short Handed Goal (Turkey v. Greece)
Greece has a 1 on 3 offensive rush.  Turkey makes a defensive mistake by giving up free shot.
Turkey does great job of pressuring up when puck is shot wide.
SOLAK Alper , clearing puck off boards, keeping his legs moving and driving wide.
COSKUN Erdogan  has stick on ice giving target and makes a nice touch pass.
Turkey does great job of following up on play and stopping at net for rebound.

Teaching Points:
  • No Free Shots
  • Pressure Up When Puck is Shot Wide
  • Stop at Net for Rebounds


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Power Thoughts:

I write for the same reason I breathe - because if I didn't, I would die.
-Isaac Asimov

Sports Psychology Tips:  (Breathing for Power)

Deep Breathing 

  • Increase ability to focus
  • Increases your ability recover
  • Increase energy
  • Deep breathing triggers the body's relaxation response
  • Reduce feeling tense or nervous
  • Increases overall health

How to Do Deep Breathing:
  • To begin, simply relax your body
  • Can be performed standing, sitting or laying down 
  • Can be performed any time, any where
  •  Inhale through nose
  • Exhale through mouth
  • Breath in for 1 count
  • Hold for 4 counts
  • Breath out for 2 counts
  •  if you were to breathe in for four seconds, then you would hold your breath for sixteen seconds and then breath out for eight
  • As you inhale, concentrate on your abdomen moving away from your backbone as your diaphragm muscle engages
  • While you exhale, focus on abdomen  moving in closer to your body as the diaphragm relaxes. 
  • The goal is to have your chest move minimally or not at all
  •  Execute 5 to 10 breaths 

  • Do this three or four time a period and you will  notice a dramatically increase of energy in the game
  • Make this part of your daily routine and you will notice a huge difference to your energy, focus and health 

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