Monday, April 23, 2012

PR-Korea Makes Bad Line Change & Bad Defensive Read the Rush

  • Even situations pressure up. Uneven situation protect the middle ice
  • Always protect middle ice
  • See the man away from the puck; Look right, left and over shoulder
  • Contain the man on the puck and away from the puck
  • Read the Play, Communicate Pressure Up, Contain
  • PRK fails to read Turkey has control of the puck 
  • PRK fails to read his team mates are changing and steps up in middle ice
  • PRK fails to read the play is 2 v 3 and pick up open man
  • KRP fail to communicate on the play
Pressure Up:
  • KRP pressures up on puck carrier (2 v 3)
  • KRP focuses on puck carrier and fails to pressure up and contain man away from puck
  • No one picks up the man without the puck

  • The closer the opponent is to the net, the closer you must be to your man
  • Always look right, left and over your shoulder to find free man

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