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Keith McAdams Coaching Tips: Slovakia Good Gap Control Leads To Quick Transitio...

Slovakia Good Gap Control Leads To Quick Transitions in Neutral Ice

Brad Richards one-times a shot at top of circle

We want our defense involved in the offensive rush.
  • The defense should be between the dots on the defensive rush
  • The quickest transitions take place when the puck is turned over in middle ice
  • The defencemen should go up on rush to opposition's blue line and to the top of the circles
  • This gives our team more options on the attack
  • It allows the Defense to keep the puck in at the offensive blue line

  • Close defensive gap take away time and space making the counter-attack much easier 
  • Forcing a Turn over in neural ice create shorter distance to the offensive goal

Key Points Defensively:
  • Keep the gap tight between defenders and the oppositions' attackers
  • Keeping a tight gap enable defencemen to handle the rush at or before blue line
  • The defense should be slightly staggered

Playing Rules:
  • Gap of one or two sticks through center ice
  • The gap should be one to one in a half sticks at blue line
  • Pressure up on all even situations

  • Read, Communicate, Stay Up, Contain

Slovakia 1 stick stick through center ice

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Power Thoughts:

Question asked to Coach Daily; “Any regrets in coaching?”  Response: “I wish I would have talked with my players more”

"To effectively communicate, we must realize that we are all different in the way we perceive the world and use this understanding as a guide to our communication with others."
-Tony Robbins

Sports Psychology Tips:

Mental Training:

The easiest part of your body to improve, is your mind. Start today by visualizing the way you want to play. Talk yourself into playing great. Get your body in motion and create the right emotions. Adjust your physiology, to be strong mentally and physically.

Five Key Components of Mental Training Program:

  1. Goal Setting - Helps you make the right choices under pressure.
  2. Mental Rehearsal - Increases skill development and reduces stress.
  3. Self Talk - We all speak 400-1000 words per minutes to ourselves. Replace the bad with good and improve your game.
  4. Arousal Control - Breathing connects the mind and body. Long exhaling will improve focus. relax the body and improve recovery time.
  5. Adjust Physiology - The right posture, put you in the right position to win. Allows your to breathe easy, improves focus and perform better.

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