Saturday, August 4, 2012

New York Rangers Ottawa Senators - 19 Brad Richards 3 v 2 Pick:

Tactics: Picks\Screens For Puck Carrier


  • The  player without puck skates into the lane of defense 
  • The pick must be set in the direction the puck carrier is skating
  • The pick can be set skating is straight line or cross
  • Do not make contact with the defender


  •  The player skates in same lane as puck carrier

  •  The man without the puck make the defense give up space and turn towards boards

  •  The picker skate right into the defenders space, without making body contact

  • The picker created passing lane

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Power Question:

What does it take to win 18 gold medals?  


One mental quality you need is the ability to pick yourself up after a loss. The ability to dust yourself off after a fall and focus on the task at hand.  Bouncing back from a disappointing fourth-place finish in the 400 individual medley,  Michael Phelps  ends his career with 18 gold medals. Phelps wound up with more medals than any other swimmer at the games: four golds and two silvers.

Power Thoughts:

“You can't put a limit on aything. The more you dream, the father you get.” 
― Michael Phelps

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