Monday, August 27, 2012

Keith McAdams Coaching Tips: Team Canada Defensive Zone Face Off - Weak Side Wi...


Good teams breakout out of their defensive zone quickly. Getting available quickly is the key to effective breakouts.

Team Canada Positioning on Face Off:
  • Center on Center
  • Defense boards side must pick up wing
  • Defense picks up wing middle ice 
  • Middle forward through middle between center & defense for loose puck, Go to point or pick up loose puck
  • Outside wing moves out to cover point

  • Strong Side Wing going through middle must stop and get loose puck
  • Weak Side Winger post up quickly on the boards down near goal line


  • See the puck
  • Call for the puck
  • Stick should be on the ice as a target for pass


  • Always face the play

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Power Thoughts: 

"Offense is spacing...spacing is offense." -Chuck Daly

"Instead of focusing on that circumstances that you cannot change - focus strongly and powerfully on the circumstances that you can."  - Joy Page 

Sports Psychology Tips:

1969 World Champions, ' Amazin' Mets:

 I wanted advise how to become a great catcher. I was 10 years old.  Jerry Grote, the great New York Mets catcher told me the following:

"Focus on what you want; Not what you do not want. A good catcher tell the pitcher what to do, not what not to do."  -Jerry Grote

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