Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Improve Your Passing Game:

Nine Words to Improve Your Passing Game:


Any time you want the puck, pass the puck, it is your responsibility to skate, move & talk with your team mates. Your team mates need to know you are available for a pass. Communication leads to better vision, passing and more goals!

Congratulation to ERZURUM GENÇLİK SPOR U14 for Winning the Group Championship. GENÇLİK SPOR U14 will go to Ankara Turkey to compete for National Championship of Turkey. 

Seven Key to Receiving Passes:
  • See the puck
  • Call for the puck
  • Your stick needs to be out in front of your body
  • Your stick needs to be on the ice
  • Your stick needs to form a right angle when receiving pass
  •  Skate to the puck, do not stop skating and reach
  •  Use skates, body and hands to receive bad passe

  • Control Skate, Communicate & Accelerate

Power Questions:

 Are your players making the most of the space? 
Move the Puck - Use the full width of the rink!  The puck moves faster than any player so get your players to look up and move the puck to a team-mate in space to stretch the opposition!
Players need to learn to move the puck to open space. 
  • Soft pass to open space
  • No space pass boards
  • Board passes

Power Thoughts:

The receivers are an integral part of the passing game.
-Hank Stram,  Hall-of-fame NFL coach, KC Chiefs 

Sports Psychology Tips:

Create a Road Map for Success:  (The map changes year to year)
  • Players need to know where they are going
  • Player need to know the plan to get them there
  • Use visual aids to show the steps
  • Identify the big goals
  • The bigger the goal the more commitment and motivation is needed
  • Identify each step along the way, that must be accomplished
  • Identify the performance goals that must be achieved 
  • Talk about the obstacles that need to be overcome
  • Have players write down the plan and goals

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