Thursday, May 3, 2012

Marian Gaborik Scored Game Winning Goal In Third Overtime - Invert Offense Tactics

Invert Offensive Tactics 

The term invert offense comes from my days playing lacrosse. Invert offense is defined as any offensive play behind the goal line.

  • Pass behind goal line, pass around boards or shoot around boards
  • Cycle behind goal line
  • Cross behind goal line
  • Stopping with puck behind goal

  • Picking the puck up off boards
  • One time shot


  • The puck is shot wide and where it will go
  • Anticipate pass around boards or shoot around boards


  • Pressure up on all shots that go wide


  • Win the race to the loose puck

Three (3) Shot Invert Triangle Drill:


  • #2 Shoots first and skates to front of net
  • #1 Shoots, #2 screens, tips & rebounds 
  • #3 Shoots #2   screens, tips & rebounds 
  • #1 skate with puck and passes around boards
  • #3 skates to pick up puck around boards
  • #3 can pass to #2 or #1 for the 1X shot 
  • All three players go for rebound

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