Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Team Canada Defensive Zone Face Off - Weak Side Winger Post Up Low Near Goal Line


Good teams breakout out of their defensive zone quickly. Getting available quickly is the key to effective breakouts.

Team Canada Positioning on Face Off:
  • Center on Center
  • Defense boards side must pick up wing
  • Defense picks up wing middle ice 
  • Middle forward through middle between center & defense for loose puck, Go to point or pick up loose puck
  • Outside wing moves out to cover point

  • Strong Side Wing going through middle must stop and get loose puck
  • Weak Side Winger post up quickly on the boards down near goal line


  • See the puck
  • Call for the puck
  • Stick should be on the ice as a target for pass


  • Always face the play

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Power Thoughts: 

"Offense is spacing...spacing is offense." -Chuck Daly

"Instead of focusing on that circumstances that you cannot change - focus strongly and powerfully on the circumstances that you can."  - Joy Page 

Sports Psychology Tips:

1969 World Champions, ' Amazin' Mets:

 I wanted advise how to become a great catcher. I was 10 years old.  Jerry Grote, the great New York Mets catcher told me the following:

"Focus on what you want; Not what you do not want. A good catcher tell the pitcher what to do, not what not to do."  -Jerry Grote

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