Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Invert Offense Causes Confusion For Finland

Team USA utilized the area behind the goal to give Finland headaches all game. 
Team USA shot the puck in around the boards. USA cycled, crossed, continuously passed the puck back behind the goal line. . USA tactic was to out work, out muscle and cause confusion at the net. Team Finland attention was below the goal line and they lost their men in the defensive zone. Team USA moved the puck to the point or to the net where men were open.

Why Use Invert Offense:
  • Forces 2 & 3 players to pick up players behind the goal line
  • Forces the forwards to come down low, opening passing lane to point men
  • The defenders focus their attention below the goal line 

  • Cycle
  • Cross
  • Shoot or pass around boards


  • Arrive quickly on puck
  • Good angling and circular approach skills
  • Good 1 v 1 skills offensive zone
  • Good puck protection skills
  • Picking the puck up and taking it to net

  • Be a threat to score
  • The defense is high, move the puck low
  • The defense is low, move the puck high


  • Take the puck to the net


This is the same tactics the New York Rangers used against the Washington Capitals 2011-12 playoffs. This is becoming a dominate tactic in NHL. The size of the players and new rules make this effective tactic in the game today.  

All five players are focused on man behind goal line.

 All five players are below face off circle.

Team USA has time and space for shot and is screening the goalie.

Team Finland stops pass to point. Strong side wings skates are pointing up ice.


Power Thoughts:

"The future starts today, not tomorrow."

"You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today."  
-Abraham Lincoln

Sports Psychology Tips:

Three Success Tips From Bruce Springsteen:

Bruce Springsteen is considered one of the best performer ever in concert.

When asked what is his secret to success. . Bruce Springsteen said, "It really pretty simple.

 1. Today's concert is the most important concert in my life.

 2. It only rock and roll.

3. Play everyday.

If you want to have the energy of Bruce Springsteen, you need to make today the most important game\practice of your life. But remember, it only a game, go out play and have fun!

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