Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Intermediate Coaching Check List For Running Successful Hockey Practices

Running A Good Practice:

  • Have a yearly plan for practice
  •  Have your drill organized with progressions
  •  Have a precise plan for every practice
  •  Plan each practice down to the minute 
  •  Name your drills  
  •  If drill is not working, change it!
  •  Safety is a must at all times
  •  Always take breaks for water
  •  Avoid long, drawn out talks
  •  Use short precise language
  •  Break things down into key points & words
  •  Write your practice plan out and post it for your players to see 
  •  Have whistle & coaching board
  •  Make sure you have cones/pylons
  • Have 2-4 sets of colored practice jerseys 
  • Make sure your assistants understand practice plan
  • Know what your objectives are for the practice
  • Know Your teaching points
  • Keep your instructions clear and short
  • Make sure you keep hockey fun for kids
  • Determine your order of  individual & team development
  • Decide on your coaching priorities and write them down
  • Create written practice plan -  5x8 card
  • Maximize reps & touches should be priority
  • Practice basic skills development on all levels
  •  80-20 Rule - 80% Basic Skills-20% All other Activities 
  •  Choose age & ability-Appropriate drills
  •  Modify drill to match abilities do not get frustrated make the drill easier
  •  Structure your teaching points into drills
  •  Don’t do any one thing for too long
  •  Know how & when to use pressure to develop skills & tactics
  •  When talking to team always put your back to boards and have players form half circle
  •  Three whistle means bring it in
  •  Two whistle means stop
  •  One whistle means start drill
  •  Movement is Focus!  If players stand around their mind wonders
  •  Progress simple to complex
  •  Progress slow to fast
  •  Progress short movement to longer movements
  •  Progress from one skill to combined skill activities
  •  Dynamic Warm-up & Stretches Off-Ice 
  •  Start With An Intelligent Warm-Up - Kids Love Pucks
  •  Small-Sided Games - Always end with game
  •  Stretch & Cool Down Off Ice

Things To Do:

  • Use the Internet to learn skills, tactics & systems
  • Watch other youth teams practice
  • Watch Pro, College or Junior teams practice
  • ፝Attend Seminar
  • Sign up to take coaching certification program
  • Start a drill library
  • Record & rate every practice

Common Mistakes:

  • Failing to hold a parent meeting
  • Failing to set clear expectations with parents & players
  • Failing to have a team manager
  • Avoiding parents
  • Skating team when they do not understand your drill
  • Wasting practice time on conditioning that can be done off-ice
  • Focusing on low-priority drills
  • Failing to fix obvious technical problems
  • Failing to videotape games and some practices
  • Failing to take work segments
  • Doing the same drills over and over again
  • Measuring success & failure on wins and losses

Power Thoughts:
  • The worst team can become the best team with good practice
  • Praise specific & often
  • Praise appropriately
  • Spread your praise

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