Sunday, May 6, 2012

Organizational Philosophy for Teaching & Coaching Ice Hockey‏

1. Goals: 
  • Your team should have clear set of goals with measurable objectives

2. Reads: 
  • What players should see and anticipate

3. Keys: 
  • Smaller Details

4. Rules: 
  • Things you should do most of the time

5. Roles: 
  • Responsibilities of  staff & players

6. Tolls: 
  • The price of what most be done to win

7. Terms: 
  • Short command words or sayings

8. Power Thoughts: 
  • Motivational quotes, lists and stories to make people think

9. Video Note Book: 
  • Video to teach and model performance 
  • Work Segments - Keep Score! How are we doing?  

10. Be Active Participant:
  • Ask Questions
  • Share Ideas

11.  Technique, Strategy & Tactics
  • Technique is the ability to execute an action
  • Strategy is what you should do
  • Tactic is how you do it

12. Principle
  • In any systematic discipline there are fundamental rules of action
  • Life Lessons
  • Moral Code

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