Monday, May 7, 2012

USA - Canada IIHF 2012 Overload & Second Wave Attack

  • Adding the fourth attacker simulates the second-wave-of-attack 
  • Overload a zone to create 2 v 1's

  • The defense needs to read when to jump into the attack
  • Recognize the 3 skating lanes, where and when to overload the ice

Part 1:   Second Wave Attack

Part 2:   Overload Zone to Create 2 v. 1's

Teaching Points:
Make sure younger players, play offensive and defense in practice. This help develop the
overall skills of the players. It teaches both offensive and defensive players to recognize the
patterns of  play that occur in the game.

Teach Offensive Rush & Control Concepts:
It's important for younger players to learn and understand fundamental offense concepts.

  • Spacing of Players
  • Reading the Space
  • Passing Lanes
  • Offensive Triangles 
  • Overload Attack
  • 2nd Wave 
  • Screening
  • Tipping
  • Redirecting 
  • Rebounding

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