Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sweden Invert Offensive Tactics - The Man Without Puck Moves Away From Pressure

Sweden  2 Cycle & 2 Crosses 2012 IIHF 

Power Thoughts:

Sports Psychology Tips:  
Ask Yourself the Right Questions and Produce Great Results

Steve Nash was never considered a great athlete by his critics, because he did not jump very high and dunk over people. Steve Nash proved, all his critics wrong; He is now ranked as one of the best players in NBA league history for three-point shooting, free-throw shooting, total assists and assists per game. Steve placed a high priority on being in great basketball shape, and self-development.  Everyday Steve would ask himself, “How can I make myself better today?” Steve would then put together a list of things he wanted to improve in his game. Everyday he would spend extra practice working on these goals and improving his skills. Steve focused on two things he had 100% control over; his work ethic and desire to get better.

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