Saturday, November 3, 2012

Kazakhstan v Canada 1-2-2 Forechecking System 2012

Strategy & System:  Kazakhstan 

  • The 1-2-2  forechecking is a conservative system
  • Kazakhstan is locking boards strong side
  • It  is designed to prevent odd man rushes
  • It can be used to control the boards
  • It can be organized to pressure puck in center ice

"D" to "D" Pass

Teaching Points:

  • All five players must be up ice and in position 1-2-2
  • F1 presses puck carrier from the inside out
  • F2 or F3 reading the pass and pressuring the pass receiver
  • F3 locks Boards, than cut Across and Locks Middle Ice
  • When any  forechecker is beat, they  turn and backcheck up middle ice


  • If you can't get 2 men on puck; Play it safe, turn and Backcheck up middle ice

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Power Thoughts:

Sports Psychology Tips: 
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