Thursday, January 10, 2013

Law of the Lid - Until We Raise Up Leaders Around Us; We Can Not Win!

The three best investments a team can make:
  • Improve the leadership skills of management and coaches
  • Invest in the development of your players leadership skills
  • Make sure you have a great captain

In ''John Maxwell'' talked about the Law of the Lid; For any organization to grow and develop you need good leaders. The organization will not rise beyond the level of leadership around the team. 

''John Maxwell on Individual Leadership:''
  • Leadership ability is the lid that determines persons level of effectiveness.
  • Your leadership ability will determine the impact that you have on an organization.
  • The lower your ability to lead, the lower the lid on your potential.

As a coach, one of the most frustrating things I have faced; is when management does not understand the value of leadership. Good leadership accelerates the development of young players. 

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