Friday, January 4, 2013

2 v 1 Defensive Read the Rush KHL 2010-11

2 v 1 Defensive Read the Rush:

  • Good body & stick positioning 
  • Quick sticks & anticipation 
  • Stick well out in front of you, ready to deflect pass 
  • The 'D' should keep a tight gap
  • The 'D' should keep the puck wide
  • The  'D'  must  skate backwards and stay in the middle of the ice
  • Stay between the two forwards 
  • If a pass is made back to the slot, the 'D' must pressure and attack the slot 
  • Goalie should call I have the shooter


In higher leagues, you can not just automatically let the player shoot. The players shoot the puck to good these days. Defense need to learn to improvise by;
  • Block shots
  • Block passing lanes
  • Develop fake stick checks and body checks
  • Develop instincts when to pressure
  • Scout the other team - Know who you want  and who you don't want to let shoot. 

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