Monday, January 7, 2013

1 v 1 Defensive Tactics

Tactic:  Forcing Puck Carrier to Backhand


  • Tight gap control
  • Good stick position - Taking away forehand

  • Open the door to backhand
  • Stick out in front of your body
  • Elbow bent, stick in close to body, ready to poke check
  • Good knee bend when poke checking

Teaching 1 v 1 Curve Skating Tactics

Teaching Points:

1. Good Defense Starts with Proper Body Position and Stance.
-Eyes Up
-low Stance
-Knees Bent
-Skates Shoulder width apart

2. The Low Man Always Wins On Defense

3. Be disciplined and take a curved approach when pressuring. 

4. Stick out in front of you.

5. Force the Player where you want him to go.
-Force to space on ice
-Force to backhand

6. Play the Body, Stick and Puck in that order.

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2 v 2 Read Rush: Woman National Team Turkey 2011

  • Keep your stick out in front
  • Stay between the forward and the net
  • Keep the ice divided, once the puck crosses the blue line
  • Force the puck carrier down the boards
  • Always play tight gap on even situations

  • What do the defenders see?
  • Even situation tight gap & pressure up

  • Read, Communicate, Pressure Up & Contain

  • Look off puck and read play
  • Always know where your man is and the puck

  • Great Gap Control 1 Stick Length at Blue Line 

  • Defenders skates are at angle
  • Stick out in front of body
  • Forcing puck carrier to backhand 

  • Leading puck carrier into dead position- less then 1% of goals are scored from in box
  • Forcing puck carrier to back hand
  • The Off side defender has man-close gap
  • Backchecking wing is in good position player man-you-goal

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