Monday, October 29, 2012

Teaching 1 v 1 Curve Skating Tactics

Teaching Points:

1. Good Defense Starts with Proper Body Position and Stance.
-Eyes Up
-low Stance
-Knees Bent
-Skates Shoulder width apart

2. The Low Man Always Wins On Defense

3. Be disciplined and take a curved approach when pressuring. 

4. Stick out in front of you.

5. Force the Player where you want him to go.
-Force to space on ice
-Force to backhand

6. Play the Body, Stick and Puck in that order.

Curved Skating  1 v 1 Side Game:


  1. The goal is positioned on side boards in middle ice.
  2. Group 1 is lined up on goal line. Group 1 is the offensive players.
  3. Group 2 is line up on other side of rink at goal line. Group two is the defensive players.
  4. On "whistle," #2 skate forward to goal crease and passes to Player # 1.
  5. Player #1 is on offense and attempts to score a goal. 
  6. Player #2 follows the path of the goal line and forces the puck carrier to middle ice.
  7. Player two executes curve skating technique and plays 1 v 1.
  8. Do not allow the defenders to skating backwards.
  9. When the drills finish players change groups. 
  10. The drill ends on "whistle.

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