Friday, October 19, 2012

Baskent 4 v 4 Fails to Divide the Ice


  • Your team must know what system you are using
  • Man to man or Box Zone?


  • All good defensive clubs keep the ice divided


  • Pressure up on even situations
  • Play the body - No stick checks
  • See the puck and the players away from the puck
  • Do not turn your back to your man
  • Always block the passing lanes
  • Play man-you-goal

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Power Thoughts:

"Anybody can point out problems, but the valuable person is the one who finds the solutions and accepts the responsibility to implement the solution."  -Ronn Wyckoff

Coaching Tip:

Players need to know, you care about their development. You must provide players a couple of things to do to improve their game. 

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