Monday, December 3, 2012

Japan Dots and Slot Offense

Japan controls the puck behind goal line. Turkey is focusing attention on the players behind the goal line. Turkey fails to cover the space in their 2-1-2 defensive zone coverage. 

Offensive Strategy & System:
  • Invert Offense - controlling puck behind goal line
  • Dots and Slots Offense

Why Use Invert Offense:
  • Forces 2 & 3 players to pick up players behind the goal line
  • Forces the forwards to come down low, opening passing lane to point men
  • The defenders focus their attention below the goal line 


Invert Offense Causes Confusion For Finland

Team USA utilized the area behind the goal to give Finland headaches all game. 
Team USA shot the puck in around the boards. USA cycled, crossed, continuously passed the puck back behind the goal line. . USA tactic was to out work, out muscle and cause confusion at the net. Team Finland attention was below the goal line and they lost their men in the defensive zone. Team USA moved the puck to the point or to the net where men were open.

  • Cycle
  • Cross
  • Shoot or pass around boards

Power Thoughts:

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