Friday, December 28, 2012


Building Friendships, Breaking Down Stereotypes About People; Developing and Growing Hockey:

Bethel University  2 v 1 Flow

Charlie Burggraf, Keith McAdams,

"Charlie Burggraf, Head Coach of Bethel University is a great steward of the game of hockey. Bethel University Coach and his players are special people with great hearts. " said Keith McAdams, Head coach for GENÇLİK SPOR CLUB. "Bethel University which is in first place in the MICA, has done incredible job to helping develop hockey in the city of Erzurum. Charlie Burggraf offered to play three inter squad games to help develop our young players. All the Bethel players participated in two days of clinics with U14 players of Genclik Sports, Palandöken Gsk and 'Narman Spor Hokey Takımı'."

Split Squad Game #1:  7-7 Tie

Hockey Clinic

Power Skating 


Leadership Principle:

Success Is Only Possible When You Are Surrounded By Great Leaders, Mentors and and Role Models For the Players to Emulate.

Special Thanks to the following Great Leaders:

Todd Lohstreter, Group Leader FCA and  Burggraf, Head Coach Bethel University.

Laureline Court, Team Leader and Translator. This project 
would not been possible without her leadership. 

Yeliz Yüksel lead the Turkish National team to qualify Gold Medal 
               and is the person who makes hockey work in Erzurum. 

Bethel University Hockey Club provides leadership, mentoring and role modelling.

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