Thursday, December 27, 2012


Building Friendships, Breaking Down Stereotypes About People; Developing and Growing Hockey:

Bethel University Timing Drill - 1 v 0

This program was made possible by the hard work of Charlie Burggraf, Head Coach of Bethel University Ice Hockey and  Fatih Çintimar, Director of  Youth Services and Sports. "Mr. Çintimar is responsible for creating a great vision for hockey development in Erzurum, "said Keith McAdams.  Fatih Çintimar is creating future opportunities for the players of Erzurum."

Ski Jump Tower 



"This is greatest opportunity ever presented to any team in Turkey, " said Keith McAdams, Head coach for GENÇLİK SPOR CLUB. "Our team played tonight Bethel University which is the top team in MICA. We lost 13-1, but it was a big win for the city of Erzurum. We have the youngest team in the Super League. This is the highest level team to come to Turkey. Our young players, played with courage and worked hard. We are working here to build character players that in the future will represent Turkey in the World Championships."

Notes: Bethel University will run a hockey clinic for all the beginner U14 players in Erzurum on December 26, and 27th. Bethel University agreed to play three split squad games so that Genclik Sport could develop all our Under 18 players.

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