Saturday, September 22, 2012

Coaching Symposium Erzurum 2012 - Passing Warm Up (On Ice Session)

We have 20 warm up passing drills we use. We start each practice with 1 or 2 passing drills. We adjust the following components for passing and receiving.

  • Change Passing Techniques and Tactics
  • Change Angles
  • Change Space
  • Change Shapes
  • Change Numbers


  • Minimum 2100 successful passes in 10 minutes

Teaching Point:
  • Keep your eyes up
  • See the entire ice
  • Call for the puck
  • Stick on ice, facing the puck
  • Right angle to path of puck
  • Make the pass part of stride
  • Move the puck to bent knee
  • Cup, push point

Drill Components:
  • Multiple Repetitions
  • Multiple Touches
  • High Speed & Timing
  • Multiple Skills & Tactics


  • Side to Side Passing
  • Forward - Backwards Skating & Passing
  • Diagonal Front and Back Passing
  • Diagonal Forward - Backwards Skating & Passing
  • Touch Passes (1, 2)


  • Spacing

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Power Thoughts:

"It is only as we develop others that we permanently succeed."
--Harvey S. Firestone 

"You get the best out of others when you give the best of yourself."
--Harvey S. Firestone 

"Success is the sum of details." 
-Harvey S. Firestone 

Sports Psychology Tips:

We do not look at the clock when we practice. Having a set time frame is important. But our focus is on quality touches and repetitions in a block of time. The amount of time your spend practicing, does not guarantee success. Only through quality training repetition and touches will you improve your game. If you want to produces the best results, focus on the quality of your work, not the hours.

  • If I see us making to many mistakes, we adjust the drill
  • We want to focus ad on successful repetitions
  • Do not practice bad execution
  • Good in; Good out!
  • Bad in; Bad out!

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