Saturday, May 25, 2013

What Wrong With New York Rangers Power Play

The blame for lack of success on the power play must fall on head coach John Tortorella. But, you have to look at the players.  It was the players; who were not getting the shot through to the goal; It was the players who were not screening the goalie, tipping and rebounding; It was the players who were out numbered along the boards on the power play. It was the players who lost the battle on the boards when they out numbered the Bruins. It was the players who lost almost every one on one battle to gain possession and set up the power play.



  • Control Breakout
  • Stretch man - 5th man is high on far blue line

Umbrella Power Play

Principles:   Power Play
  • Control Breakout
  • Sure Entry
  • Possession
  • Set Up
  • Screening, Tipping and Rebounding


  • Control Skate, Communication & Accelerate


  • Control Breakout
  • Fill all three lanes
  • Stretch man and Timing

  • Move the puck to the fastest skater

Teaching Points:

  • Keep the Puck Moving
  • Good Power Plays Keep the Players Moving
  • Support Low, Middle and High
  • Move Up and Down the Rink
  • Move Across or Diagonal on the Rink
  • Attack the Seam Without Puck
  • Attack the Seams with Puck
  • Open Up Shooting Lane

New York Rangers Power Play - Preparing the Middle Seam for Shot

Brad Richards - New York Rangers Power Play Tactic

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