Monday, August 4, 2014

Penalty Killing Presentation

You must understand how a power play works to have good penalty killing results. 

Five Components of Good Power Play

  • Controlled Breakout
  • Sure Entry
  • Possession
  • Set Up
  • Faceoffs

Power Play - How To Breaking Down the Box or Diamond

  • Be a threat to score by attacking seams with and without puck
  • Player Positioning - position players between the seams

Teaching Points:

  • Keep the Puck Moving
  • Good Power Plays Keep the Players Moving
  • Support Low, Middle and High
  • Move Up and Down the Rink
  • Move Across or Diagonal on the Rink
  • Attack the Seam Without Puck
  • Attack the Seams with Puck
  • Open Up Shooting Lane

Great Power Plays Have:

  • Attack the seams and use fake shots and passes
  • Attacking the seam without puck to open shooting lanes
  • Prepare the shooting lane by driving through the seam from middle ice

Baskent v HSC Continental Cup

Attack a Zone Defense - Create 2-on-1 opportunities

Two Approaches to Attack:

Outside the Game - Invert Offense, outside scoring area, along boards and behind goal line.

Inside the Game -  Net presence, drive to net, screening, tipping and rebounding

Individual Tactic:

  • One touch passing
  • One time shooting 
  • Puck protection skills
  • Quick release

 Sports Psychology Tips: 
Let Go of Losses, Setbacks and Anger

"Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past.”
-Isaiah 43:18

Venus Williams  failed to win medal at the  2012 Olympics.  She suffered from depression after the loss. She was devastated by her poor play and struggled daily with her game. Venue "said" I needed to let go of the loss.  

1.  Forgive yourself and others
2.  Learn from your mistakes
3.  Find support -  Venus  went to her father.
4.  Find the upside of the loss 
5.  Plan your comeback 
6.  Write down some new goals

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