Sunday, June 1, 2014

Improving the Passing Game

Make Sure Your Team Masters Communication
  • See the puck
  • Move to see the puck
  • Two way communication
  • Make eye contact with passer and receiver
  • Make sure your goalie talking and giving instructions

Teaching Technique
  • Make sure your teams is using forehand and back hand equally
  • Practice saucer pass
  • Learn to us pass and shooting fakes

Reading the Space
  • Minimum - 1 stick
  • Medium - 2 Sticks or more
  • No Space - Less than 1 stick
  • The Numbers - how many players in area
  • Read the reach of the defender

Passing IQ
  • Pass to Stick, Space or Boards
  • 1 Touch, 2 Touch, 3 Touch or 1 Time Pass
  • Cycle, Cross or No Space Plays
  • When to transition Skate or Post Up
  • When to not to pass (Make them take it from you! )
  • Know when to change lanes
  • Move with a purpose

Playing Rules
  1. Head man the puck.
  2. Move the puck quickly.
  3. Pass as defender turns.
  4. Lead the passer.
  5. Use boards as 6th man.
  6. Move the puck to fastest skater.
  7. Make the easy pass; shoot on hard pass.
  8. Move to see the puck.

Power Thought:

See, Speak and Feel Each Pass.
~Keith McAdams

Sports Psychology: Create a Road Map for Success

  1. Players need to know where they are going
  2. Player need to know the how to get there
  3. Use visual aids to show the steps
  4. Identify each step along the way, that must be accomplished
  5. Identify the big goals
  6. The bigger the goal the more commitment and motivation is needed
  7. Identify the performance goals that must be achieved
  8. Talk about the obstacles that need to be overcome
  9. Have a players write down their goals
  10. Understand the map changes year to year

The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps. 

~Proverbs 16:9

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