Monday, May 26, 2014

How Do These Players Feel?

   Six players not allowed on the ice for warm ups. 

18 and Under Turkish Championship

I've witnessed two games in a row, where players were not allowed to warm up with their club. The above six players were forced to sit on the bench and watch warm-ups. How do you think these players feel? After the second game ended. I asked a player from the team, why players were sitting on the bench for warm-ups? He replied, "they are not good." Did the coach tell his team this? I understand winning is important to coaches; nothing wrong with wanting to win. But not allowing kids to skate warm-ups is crazy. I do not know how a coach could do this to his players. How can a coach, not understand the negative impact this has on his players? Over the past two years membership in Turkish hockey has decreased by the hundreds. This type of coaching behavior - is one reason hockey has deteriorated in Turkey. If a kid is not good enough to be on your team, do not dress him. But to make six players sit on the bench and watch warm-ups is demoralizing. Coaches need to develop self-worth; not destroy it!
12 and 10 Championships Turkey Over the past four years I watch the Turkish 10 and 12 Championships. I watch teams play only play five players and a goalie. Winning a championship at this level, should not be important. In fact, most counties do not even hold a national championship at those age brackets. It's impossible to grow the game of hockey if kids do not play. The responsibility of the coach at these age groups should be:
  1. Teach skills.
  2. Let all the kids play in the games.
  3. Make sure they have fun
  4. Keep the games and practice safe.
If you do these four things; you are a successful coach. 

The Turkish Ice Hockey Federation must make rules to make it mandatory that all kids play in these games. If you want to grow the game of hockey; every kid needs to play, It's the coaches job to make sure each kids have a positive experience when playing hockey.
Coaches, please start caring about the kids feeling and start growing the game in Turkey

Building Self-Worth Through Sports 

The ERZURUM GENÇLİK 14 team has won two Turkish National Championships and only lost one game in three season seasons. The 18U team has won two Turkish National Championships and is undefeated in two seasons. Our definition of success does not involve winning. We consider a player successful when he or she has a great attitude and work ethic. It's a mistake to develop kids self-worth on wins and losses. In three years we never once have we talked about winning a game or a championship! All our players - play in the games. No one has ever sat on the bench. The amount of ice time a player earns, is determined by attitude, work ethic and the quality of his or her practices.


Power Thought

Do not be fooled by a coach who tells you how great he is! Beware of a coach who tells you how bad other coaches are; If a coach is good - he does not have tell other people how great he is or how bad other coaches are!

~Keith McAdams

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