Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Thirty Two Signs You Could Be Fired Today?

'You get to coach players as long as they let you.''
-Chuck Daly

As of today there were 52 coaching vacancies in coaching pro, college, Junior and High 
School Hockey. Most of these vacancies are the result of the head coach's failure to win. 
We are in a business that requires results. When we do not win, we are fired! Sometimes 
our job comes with unrealistic goals and expectations. Other times, we may be a position 
of power; but we don't have the authority to make the right moves. Sometimes changes in 
management or luck play a role in our future. In the USA, you better make the playoffs
In Europe you better beat your local rival or there are a good chance you'll be fired. 
Below is a list thirty two signs you could be fired.

  1. When the coach can not get along with management or players.
  2. When the organization, manager, coaches and players are not on the same page.
  3. When a coach does not have a good relationship with the star players.
  4. When the club overspends and fails to stay on budget.
  5. When the organization can not recruit new players to the organization.
  6. When the coach fails to recruiter and work with other coaches.
  7. When membership loses faith in the direction of the program.
  8. When standards of performance have deteriorated.
  9. When the players stop giving effort in practice.
  10. When the program is no longer growing in membership.
  11. When the staff and players are not motivated.
  12. When the players are not improving over the course of a season.
  13. When there is no vision for the program.
  14. When there are no clear goals in the organization.
  15. When staff and players have lost your passion for the game.
  16. When the organization no longer trusts what the coach is saying.
  17. When the organization loses faith in the coaches tactical or technical approach to the game.
  18. When membership declines.
  19. When discipline deteriorates.
  20. When the coach stops communicating to the players.
  21. When other leadership members are rebelling against the coach.
  22. When the coach has his own agenda which is not supporting the growth of the sport.
  23. When the coach support base is disappearing.
  24. When the coach has lost credibility and no one is listening or following.
  25. When the coach makes excuses or blames others for the losses.
  26. When the coach is surrounded by bad assistant coaches or support staff.
  27. When there are off-ice discipline issues.
  28. When there is no concrete signs of progress in the program.
  29. When the team has too many injuries.
  30. When the team is underachieving.
  31. When the coach shows no signs of personal development.
  32. When things are so messed up, recovering and moving forward seems impossible without changes.

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