Thursday, November 7, 2013

Most of the Time; The Problem Is Not Time!

The problem rarely has anything to do with time; the problems lies mostly with our habits and discipline.         -Keith McAdams

The number one  reason players do not have enough time for training is laziness. Players who miss training spend more time online and multi-tasking between Facebook and their homework. The truth is, spending time online is excuse to not to do work. Procrastination is really another word for being lazy.    Players who are disciplined are disciplined in their school work. They stay focused on the task at hand; they do not change tasks; They get things done more effectively and efficiently by focusing on one task at a time. This allows them to excel both in sport and school. There is no excuse not to succeed in the classroom and on the ice.

 “The biggest mistake I see players making is they fail to bring their mind, body and spirit to the task at hand. It is impossible to be multitasking your way through school and sport. You can’t be at your best; play video games, chat, and be on Facebook twelve hours a day and be congruent towards your goals. Success requires focus and time to master the things important to you. Peak performance happens when you are completely focused on the job at hand.”  -Keith McAdams
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