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Eliminate Negative Self-Talk

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Eliminate Negative Self-Talk Over the course of the day; during games and practice, we talk to ourselves. Our self-talk can become negative after a mistake. Often we put ourselves down; we re-play these mistakes with an internal dialog. Negative self-talk creates future anxiety. Practicing positive self-talk can help you succeed. Awareness to our negative voice is the first step to eliminating negative self-talk. Your positive or negative self-talk is habit. To break these negative patterns of self-talk; we must replace them with positive empowering statement.
Turn Negatives Into Positives:

Most psychologist say, “it takes 30 days to create a new habit." On the ice, I found it takes 10 days to create momentum to break bad habits. It takes a lot of energy to break a habit. Negative self-talk is no different. But once you discipline yourself to turn each negative into a positive - it become easier. It's important to remember; negative thoughts will come; this is natural; we can discipline our thoughts; but not stop negative thoughts from coming.

Teaching Points:

The key is to change negatives into positives. It critical we do not to replay the negative thoughts over and over again. The best athletes choose the information they will replay; they provide positive instructions to themselves. They use self talk to coach and motivate themselves; They use self-talk to immediately correct their performance. Our goal should be to challenge ourselves to turn every negative into a positive.
Pay Attention To Your Self Negative Talk: If you want to improve your game; Start paying attention to your negative self talk. 1. What you say to yourself at practice means everything. 2. What you say to yourself, can interfere with your performance. 3. What you say in-between practice drills and between shifts, determines your focus. Action Steps to Take: 1. Start a log and record your self talk. 2. Recognize negative self talk and replace with positive. 3. Use cue words to direct your focus and performance.

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