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42 Tips To Score More Goals - Part 1

Steven Stamkos 

Lionel Messi

Steven Stamkos  60 Goals

Tip 01.  Shoot more
Tip 02.  The most important skill  is a quick release
Tip 03.  Know where the net is! Shoot without looking
Tip 04.  Improve your follow through
Tip 05.  Skate to the net
Tip 06.  Work behind the net -  Use 1X shot when passed come from behind goal.
Tip 07.  Develop soft hands
Tip 08.  Fake shots
Tip 09.  One touch shot or pass
Tip 10.  Get puck in top position
Tip 11.  Always stop at net for rebounds
Tip 12.  Shoot from dots & slot
Tip 13.  Shoot and skate to net for rebound
Tip 14.  Always shoot on hard pass
Tip 15.  Make easy pass to score
Tip 16.  Be Inside the game, not behind goal line and outside scoring area
Tip 17.  Control your speed, to be open for shot
Tip 18.  Curve skate to create time & space to receive pass
Tip 19.  Practice re-directions shot and passes when skating to net
Tip 20.  Practice hitting the target
Tip 21.  Move across to create space and Shoot
Tip 22.  Move Back to create time & space and shoot
Tip 23.  Spend time learning & improving your power play skills
Tip 24.  If the puck at point, be in front of net
Tip 25:  Always have Your stick in scoring position
Tip 26:  Fight in front of net to score - 2nd & 3rd Chances
Tip 27.  Use the screen shot
Tip 28.  Shoot in Stride
Tip 29.  Speed up on fakes, do not slow down
Tip 30.  Always have your stick on ice
Tip 31.  Know what you will do before the puck arrives
Tip 32.  Don't stand still, unless screening & tipping at net
Tip 33.  Shoot off right and left foot - Don't telegraph your Shot
Tip 34.  Shooting from the slot, lets you see the more net
Tip 35.  Study & learn the habits of goalie
Tip 36.  Develop signature shot & move
Tip 37.  Snap it, you do not need to slap it
Tip 38.  Practice shooting everyday - shoot off-ice
Tip 39.  Accuracy over power
Tip 40.  All the best goal scorers are creative
Tip 41.  Model, watch and learn from the best players in NHL
Tip 42.  Learn from other sports

 Lionel Messi Scored 73 Goals This Season:

Terms:  Improve Your Passing & Scoring Game


Power Thoughts:

I skate to where the puck is going to be, not to where it has been - Wayne Gretzky

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