Tuesday, July 30, 2013

3 v 1 Albany Drill

3 v 1 Offensive Rush:

  • Fill three lanes
  • Pivot facing play
  • Someone takes your lane, take theirs
  • Form offensive triangle
  • Stop at net for rebound

3 v 1 Defensive Read the Rush:
  • Good body & stick positioning 
  • Quick sticks & anticipation 
  • Stick well out in front of you, ready to deflect pass 
  • The 'D' must stay up & in the middle of the ice between the forwards 
  • The 'D' should keep the puck wide 
  • If a pass be made back to the slot, the 'D' must pressure and attack the slot 
  • The 'D' should keep a tight gap 
  • Goalie should call I have the shooter

Do Not:
  • Back up into goalie
  • It is very important not to commit to one forward

Teaching Notes:
  • At higher levels you can not allow the players to shoot from slot
  • Defenders must develop fakes stick checks & checks

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